About Me

well, like supposed to be...

Hello mate :)

Welcome to my personal blog. This site has been built recently and it’s still in early stages of life.

I do work as a Mastering Engineer in the music industry. At the same time, I’m studying ‘BEng Electrical and Electronics Engineering’ at Salford University.

Arab-British living in the UK. And just as most other british, I hate the all-the-time cloudy and rainy weather :(

I’ve been blogging on my Arabic site at albazy.com for over 15 years (since 2007) and now decided, finally, to start my English personal site/blog.

This site will contain my personal biography introducing my academic, skills, career and professional accomplishments. Plus some blogs from time to time to share updates, ideas, opinions and thoughts on anything catches my interest, including personal updates.

Until then, take care for now *_^