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Yes student loans are a mess; but students also avoiding the highest paid disciplines

So the inflation will hit university students and graduates hard with an expected interest-rate of up-to 12%. And while I agree with what the former business secretary and universities minister Greg Clark said: “the high rates risked deterring graduates from getting the skills that were badly needed.” in The Guardian article. But this is not the real problem now with higher education in the UK. The real problem is the number of home students enrolling into Medicine, Engineering & Science is very low compared to the economy needs and compared to courses such as Business, Marketing, Finance, Media, law.

Adding Disqus Comments Service

I was thinking about wether should I add commenting system/service to my blog. The thing is from my past experience with blogs that social media and sharing links and articles into those social media profiles pretty much killed the habit of leaving comments on the article’s page itself. Instead, readers often prefer to add their comment as a part of their link sharing post, so they can create new conversation over their preferred social media platform.

Hello World

Hi everyone, This is my first post on this newly created personal site/blog. I’m still in the early stages of the site development. So expect some changes in the coming weeks. However, I’ll keep the design minimal as much as I can, as I hate busy-looking sites specially when it is about reading text such as blogs and articles. Comment Section Unfortunately, for now there’ll be no comment section. I may add something like Discus or Facebook comments API.