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C Compiler Errors and Warnings

Compiler Errors C compiler errors split into two main categories. Syntax Errors: something wrong with the syntax of the language itself. Semantic Errors: something wrong with the logic of the code, giving unexpected results. Syntax Errors Syntax errors are quite common regardless the programmer experience, we all sometimes make typos. For example instead of writing int to declare an integer, one may write it as imt and that will result in a syntax error during the compilation stage....

July 16, 2023

Best Modern C Programming Language Books for Beginners

If you’re starting learning (or refreshing yourself) C programming language then I recommend 2 excellent modern books. C for Dummies, 2nd Ed, Dan Gookin. Modern C, Jens Gustedt. The C for Dummies is easier to follow if you’re beginner in programming in general. But the Modern C gives more explanation and some of the inner concepts of how and why. Both books are available as hardcopy and/or digital ebooks. If you buy a physical copy of ‘Modern C’ then you can get the ebook version for free....

July 10, 2023

Make YouTube Respond Faster and Consume Less Resources

Lately, I’ve noticed that browsing YouTube on my desktop has become noticeably slow and sometimes unresponsive, like when I click play, it takes a second to start, and the same thing happens when I click pause. If I try to skip a specific part of the video using the timeline, the player might freeze, and suddenly I find myself either going backward or skipping way ahead. These strange occurrences happen randomly and can be quite annoying....

July 3, 2023

MATLAB for Students; Free Access/License on Your own Computer

If your college/university teaches you anything on Matlab then most likely they have Campus Wide Access license. Which means you can use your student university email to register an account with Matlab and gain free access to use Matlab and Simulink software on your own PC/Mac computer. After downloading the software and installing it, make sure you select all the libraries you need during the installation process. Also make sure you are signed-in, in the software itself using your Matlab account, for the license to activate....

July 2, 2023

Video: Automate Your Cisco Network with ChatGPT

Years ago, when I worked as a senior Linux engineer at various datacenter and web hosting companies, we highly automated tasks using shell scripting, Perl, and Python. This automation helped us avoid repetitive routine work. We also implemented a centralized monitoring system to oversee network, server, and service operations. This system would send alerts whenever issues arose, allowing engineers to investigate and report through the staff portal. System automation made daily tasks much easier and, importantly, allowed engineers to concentrate on work requiring experience and problem-solving skills....

June 25, 2023