Years ago, when I worked as a senior Linux engineer at various datacenter and web hosting companies, we highly automated tasks using shell scripting, Perl, and Python. This automation helped us avoid repetitive routine work.

We also implemented a centralized monitoring system to oversee network, server, and service operations. This system would send alerts whenever issues arose, allowing engineers to investigate and report through the staff portal.

System automation made daily tasks much easier and, importantly, allowed engineers to concentrate on work requiring experience and problem-solving skills.

By utilizing tools like ChatGPT, automation can be taken to the next level, making it even more accessible and user-friendly for newer and junior engineers.

However, this advancement also introduced a new skill set for system and network engineers. Professionals in this field must now learn how to work with APIs and customize them according to specific requirements.

Here is a video on YouTube that demonstrates how ChatGPT can be used to create a chatbot capable of controlling and interacting with managed networks and performing everyday tasks.