So the inflation will hit university students and graduates hard with an expected interest-rate of up-to 12%.

And while I agree with what the former business secretary and universities minister Greg Clark said: “the high rates risked deterring graduates from getting the skills that were badly needed.” in The Guardian article.

But this is not the real problem now with higher education in the UK.

The real problem is the number of home students enrolling into Medicine, Engineering & Science is very low compared to the economy needs and compared to courses such as Business, Marketing, Finance, Media, law. Most of these courses are fully booked in most unis, where the first-mentioned are full of International students.

The universities are doing nothing to correct this, because simply it’s for their benefit, the international student pays at least double what local student pay per year.

And then our local businesses when they don’t find enough home doctors, engineers & scientists they start hiring those international graduates.

And most who struggle to find a job it’s those who graduated from the over-booked courses.

Even the childs of the immigrants or whatever you call them are in high percentage avoiding these harder courses.

And the issue doesn’t start when applying to the UCAS, but way earlier when choosing gcse and a-levels subjects.